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A warm welcome to the website of St Agnes Primary School. We hope that after reading this message you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the choice of school for your children.

Parents send their children to St Agnes because it is a family tradition based on the values, firm discipline, excellent standard of teaching and learning which is enhanced by the Catholic Ethos.

As a team of teachers we strive towards total commitment in excellence through our teaching practice and empathizing with our school community through Pastoral Care.

Our objective is to reach out and develop our children in areas we can't reach by developing them holistically and by being good role models. We follow the prescripts of Catholic education as outlined below:

The special character of our schools derives from our commitment to help transform the whole person, to develop our learners so that they can use their gifts and skills to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives of service and love, and to enrich their lives through their liturgical and sacramental experience of God which leads to a mature, personal relationship with God. Our Catholic Schools embrace ten values (based on the 10 commandments) which prepare learners for life as children of God:

* God comes first
* A reverence for the Sacred
* The importance of the Sabbath
* We value parents and family
* We proclaim the dignity and sacredness of every human person
* A positive understanding of the beauty and dignity of human sexuality
* Respect for the material world
* To tell the Truth
* Purity of the heart
* A life of Service as opposed to the materialism and individualism of the modern world.

Alfonso Louw


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