Enrolment and Admission Policy


Dominican schools in South Africa aim to provide forward looking education based on a proud tradition of service. The schools promote an ethos of Gospel values respecting the cultural diversity of our communities and in order to live out our special character we find it necessary to adhere to the following admission criteria:

1. Our preferences in enrolment are –

a) Catholic, especially from the local parish;
b) Siblings;
c) Children of past pupils;
d) Children from geographical area;
e) Children whose parents work in the area.

2. Our schools strive to accommodate the needs of all learners within their resources.

3. Our schools support the religious and educational policies of the Catholic Church and instruction takes place in accordance with this ethos.  Parents and learners are expected to recognize, respect and accept this special ethos.

4. Our schools follow a programme of Religious Education which manifests their special Catholic ethos.  No pupil may be excluded from this programme.

5. The medium of instruction is determined by the school’s Governing Body.  All communication and record-keeping will be done in accordance with that language.

6. The requirement for admission is in accordance with Departmental regulations.

7. Our schools have Mission Statements and Education Policies specific to their needs – learners and parents are expected to abide by these policies.

8. In order to provide quality education, parents are required to contribute financially.  Exemption from such fees will be determined by the State Funding Policy and/or at the discretion of the Governing Body.

Signing of Code of Conduct:  Parent and learner

Language:  Clarify to parents – medium of instruction

Participation in Religious Education

Needs of school vs. Needs of learner – depends on resources of school

Ethos of school

Needs of the child


Preferences, e.g. Catholic, siblings, children of past pupils

Demography of area

Feeder area