Language Policy

1.1.  Language of learning and teaching of the school:

The LOLT from Grade R – Grade 7 will be English

1.2.  Languages to be offered as subjects and the time allocations for these:

Grades 1 and 2:    

8¾ hours a week English
½ hour a week Afrikaans (FAL)
½ hour a week Xhosa (SAL)

Grade 3:        

6 hours a week English
3½  hours a week Afrikaans (FAL)
35 min a week Xhosa (SAL)

Grades 4 to 6:

4 hours a week English
2½ hours a week Afrikaans (FAL)
½ hour a week Xhosa (SAL)

Grade 7:        

4 hours a week English
2½  hours a week Afrikaans (FAL)                                
½  hour a week Xhosa (SAL)

1.3.  Process for review of this policy:

This policy will be subject to annual review after a meeting of the Governing Body.

1.4.  Protection of rights:

Any changes to this policy will be both negotiated and phased in so that the rights of any learners on the roll will be protected under the banner of a democratically elected plan accepted by the majority rule of all stakeholders.

1.5.  Language of assessment:

Assessment will be done both verbally and in writing in English and / or Afrikaans where applicable.

1.6.  Language of communication with parents:

All written and oral communication will be in English, but solutions will be sought to assist in communication with parents who do not understand English by utilizing our human resource bank of educators / learners who speak the languages other than English, as interpreters.

1.7.  Plans to develop multilingualism:

Educators will develop vocabulary lists and display this in the classroom and encourage learners to develop communicative competence in the three official languages of the province.  All information signs in the three languages to be phased in from 2010 as costs permit.  Xhosa (SAL) will be phased in for all grades from 2010 depending on whether funds are available to employ an educator for this purpose.  Basic testing will be done to match language learning needs of all languages.

1.8.  Plans to accommodate the language needs of minority language groups within the school:

Encourage peer translations, if available, to help learners who are struggling.  Arrange intervention programmes for learners with poor language skills. Assist parents to help struggling learners with home programmes.

1.9.  Plans to enhance the status of all official South African languages at the school: SEE 1.7 ABOVE.

Approved by the Governing Body Chairperson and the Principal